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Benedetta Pignatelli
Sometimes using the pseudonym P. Detta, Benedetta Pignatelli is a member of the noble Neopolitan Pignatelli family, whose origins can be traced back to 1102. The daughter of Prince Pignatelli, she’s a freelance photojournalist whose work has been featured in over eighteen publications, including Panorama, Vogue Italia,, Vogue Nippon, Casa Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair Italy, GQ Italy, Maison et Jardin, Men’s Vogue Italy, Traveller Italy, Vogue Germany, Bergdorf Goodman Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times, among others. She has bylined over eight lifestyle and beauty columns, and profiled formidable cultural talents, most notably Miuccia Prada, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Diane von Furstenberg.
After years of eclectic professional experience, Pignatelli decided to create an artistic persona P. Detta, creating the photographic series Alternalife. Playing with language to create humorous breaks in logic, reference, and translation, everyday scenes become parodies of human existence – such as the roadside sign “Love Hertz” and “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Tango,” for which Detta inserted a carton of butter into a still from Last Tango in Paris.

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