Thomas Monahan

Fine Art

Eduardo Zamora

‚ÄčThe early 1980's was an exciting time to be an Hispanic artist in Paris; an historic exhibit of the works of more than 300 Latin Americans had just taken place in the prestigious Grand Palais, offering these young artists an unparalleled chance to become acquainted with each other's work and artistic ideology.

In 1983 several young artists formed Magie-Image, a cluster of avant garde Hispanic painters who found similarities in style and outlook. The talent of these painters attracted the attention of the famous Chilean surrealist, Roberto Matta, who served as their advisor and spiritual leader. This remarkable exhibition brought together 29 original works of this circle, including Saul Kaminer, Eduardo Zamora, Carlos Aresti, Heriberto Cogollo as well as Roberto Matta himself.

Imaginative yet disquieting, the ''painful ironies'' of Zamora's work combine humor and horror reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosch and Frida Kahlo. Still based in Paris, Zamora enjoys a respected position among the artists of Mexico, and his singular paintings have been exhibited in major museums in Europe.

A selection of works